How many of us suffer from obsessive behaviour throughout our days on and off?

Do you know that obsessive behaviour is a disorder that one keep having compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea.

Many times we do not realize that we are suffering this ourselves.

The same idea keeps coming to haunt you until you repeatedly doing the same actions.

You do not know when exactly to stop that actions, you do not know how to draw the line of “enough”.

It creates anxiety.

There it irritates other people, it creates fears in others of you.

Then, why?

Why need so much assurance that you are able to be in control?

Why need so much to control things in your own hands?

Why such insecure feelings?

Why fear so much of rejection?

Why such reactions towards rejection?

Rejection does not come from any other people, but it is from yourself.

You agree with how others view you, you rejected yourself but blaming others for causing it in you.

Dear, wake up!

Have you not seen God who has wonderfully and fearfully made you when you were still in your mother’s womb?

Have you not known that Jesus died on the cross just because of you?

Just because God sees you as His precious.

Even how lousy we were, He still wanted to die for us.

Aren’t those already enough to prove that God loves you?

Aren’t those already enough to prove that God values you priceless?

Why don’t agree with God instead of those people as lousy as us?

Dear, wake up!


I sincerely accept and respect how you want it now

I sincerely accept and respect how you want it now.

Not for any other reasons, but simply because I believe in you.

Wish you all the best and may God be with you wherever you are until the end of the day.

Friend, don’t worry, I know

Don’t worry, friend, I know and I understand.

You did not do this because you do not appreciate the friendship

You did not do this because you would not want the friendship to last longer

You’ve tried whatever you think you were able to at the situation or position you were at

You’ve tried your best to avoid hurting any parties

You’ve done what you think best at the moment for the better of the both of us

You may even feel helpless at times in this as well

I know and I understand

Whatever I’ve vented out previously, I was just venting out, so that I can feel better by thinking the worst of it.

It’s complicated that you might not understand, but it is fine that you are unable to understand

But I would just like to say, no worries, and I do really know

It’s not what you wish to see that it turned out to be like this now, neither do I

Nevertheless, we will never know how it will turn out in the future

But we know that God will still be God at the end of the day

And our world should not just evolve around ourselves but instead it is all about God

Again, it is not just about ourselves

May God’s blessings go with you wherever you are

Do take care